25 Gluten-Free Instant Pot Recipes Kids Love (2024)

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Looking for easy meals that the whole family will enjoy? Check out these 25 Instant Pot Recipes Kids Love. All Instant Pot recipes are gluten-free and so easy to make. From breakfast to dinner to dessert, there’s something for everyone – including those picky eaters.>

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I can already hear it… “Mom, what’s for dinner?” And then I start looking through the fridge, freeze and pantry trying to come up with something to feed my family of 5 – including three boys who have very different tastes. I know the struggle so many moms have trying to figure out what to make for dinner that’s healthy, easy to make and will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.>

And I know the struggle of trying to make a healthy meal in the midst of homework, after-school activities, and a busy work schedule. That’s one of the many reasons I LOVE my Instant Pot. It’s so easy to make quick meals in the Instant Pot – which is basically an electronic pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice and everything else cooker all-in-one. I use my Instant Pot on most weekday nights because I can add ingredients to it and then still take the kids to their after-school activities and do other things while it cooks. (If you’re just getting started with theInstant Pot, check out my quick start guideTop 10 Instant Pot Tips and Tricks You Need to Know.)


So I wanted to find the best Instant Pot recipes kids love… but with a healthy twist. I searched out recipes that are not only gluten-free but made with real food ingredients. I know you’re whole family is going to love it just like my kids. I get my baking supplies likebaking soda,baking powder,vanilla extract, etc. either on Amazon or my local health food store usually.>

Here’s a round-up of the best Instant Pot Recipes Kids Love made with real food ingredients. All Instant Pot recipes are gluten free (or can easily be made without gluten), as well as Paleo friendly.>

Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes Kids Love

25 Gluten-Free Instant Pot Recipes Kids Love (2)

Instant Pot Soups + Stews Kids Love

25 Gluten-Free Instant Pot Recipes Kids Love (3)

Instant Pot Main Dishes Kids Love

Instant Pot Side Dishes Kids Love

25 Gluten-Free Instant Pot Recipes Kids Love (5)
  • Corn On The Cob – Melanie Cooks
  • Instant Pot Refried Beans – Don’t Mess with Mama
  • Instant Pot Baked Potatoes– Don’t Mess With Mama
  • Instant Pot Applesauce – Don’t Mess With Mama

Instant Pot Desserts Kids Love

25 Gluten-Free Instant Pot Recipes Kids Love (6)

More Instant Pot Recipes

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Want More Recipes?

Check out my new book,Gluten-Free, Real Food Recipes for Kids. >

I wrote this book with YOUin mind. Parents who want to provide kids with wholesome meals without artificial colors, preservatives and other additives. >

All the recipes are gluten-free – with many options for grain free or Paleo, dairy free, egg free and vegetarian.>

What’s Included In This Book

It’s filled with130+ pages of content and recipes, including:>

  • Real food nutrition 101
  • Detailed information onhow to properly soak and sproutnuts, beans, grains and seeds
  • A guide onhow to spot chemical additivesand what to avoid
  • Kitchen essentials and cooking tools
  • Tips onhow to get kids to become better eatersand help in the kitchen
  • 70+ gluten-free recipes– such as snacks and appetizers, beverages, condiments and dressings, main meals, desserts and more

Take a peek what’s inside Gluten-Free, Real Food Recipes for Kids.

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25 Gluten-Free Instant Pot Recipes Kids Love (8)

Tracey Black

Tracey Black, BA, is a writer, recipe developer, and creator of Don’t Mess with Mama. She has a background in health care, research, and publishing, and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Redbook Magazine, Yahoo, Women’s Day, CNET, and Today.

At DontMesswithMama.com, Tracey shares how simple it can be to make easy gluten-free meals and live more naturally, including making your own DIY skincare and cleaners, on a budget. She is also the author of the books Natural Beauty Made Simple and Instant Pot Recipes Made Simple.

25 Gluten-Free Instant Pot Recipes Kids Love (2024)
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