Best Dresses to Wear With Sneakers This Spring — All Under $40 (2024)

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This is your important reminder that you don’t always have to wear heels or even flats with dresses! Sneakers are always, always an option. In fact, sometimes they’re actually the best option! Not only are they obviously comfortable, but they can look so cute!

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Whether you prefer chunky sneakers, classic tennis shoes, slip-ons, athletic kicks or maybe a high-top look, we have dress ideas for you below. All are under $40 on Amazon too! Let’s go!

Best Dresses to Wear With Classic, Simple Sneakers

1. Our Absolute Favorite! The florals and ruffles of this prettyLoemes dress need something on the simpler side to complement their flair. Stick with a minimal canvas or leather sneaker!

2. We Also Love!Another style we’d love to see with some classic kicks is this tieredZesica dress. A foolproof look for the brunch table!

3. We Can’t Forget!Crazy for color-block designs? ThisZattcas dress adds a dainty pattern onto the skirt as well!

4. Bonus!Whether you wear it to work or play, this pleated floralShineflow dress is ready to make getting dressed easy!

Best Dresses to Wear With Chunky Sneakers

5. Our Absolute Favorite!We are mega-fans of the satin slip dress and chunky sneaker combo. Mega! ThisComfy One mini dress is a must-buy for nailing this look!

6. We Also Love!There’s something about a strapless dress and a dad sneaker that just works. It’s going to be pure harmony with a shoe of your choice and thisChicgal dress!

7. We Can’t Forget!Contrast is key. If you love to mix aesthetics to create eye-catching looks, make sure to add this smocked-and-tieredBTFBM dress to your Amazon cart!

8. Bonus!Comfort and style can sometimes clash, but not with this roomyYesno maxi dress. Platform chunky sneakers are the way to go here!

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Best Dresses to Wear With High-Top Sneakers

9. Our Absolute Favorite!A mini dress will go nicely with high-top sneakers — that way you won’t visually cut your legs short. Try layering thisFloerns corduroy mini over a tee!

10. We Also Love!The second we imagined thisKDF denim shirtdress with a pair of high-top sneakers, we were sold. Nothing cuter!

11. We Can’t Forget! The edgy vibe of your high-tops will actually be perfect with the ultra-feminine design of thisDokotoo off-the-shoulder dress!

12. Bonus!You can also lean fully into a ’90s goth-inspired style with this bow-strap Ho.Volta mini dress. Try adding a choker too!

Best Dresses to Wear With Athletic Sneakers

13. Our Absolute Favorite!Some athletic sneakers are cute enough for most dresses, but now that activewear dresses are in style, styling them is even easier. You don’t even have to play tennis or pickleball to rock thisBgowatu court dress!

14. We Also Love!For a more athleisure, cozy type of vibe, wear thisPanadila mini with your Nikes or Adidas!

15. We Can’t Forget!ThisIuga athletic dress is very popular with shoppers thanks to its cute back and ruffly skirt. The straps are adjustable too!

16. Bonus!Looking for short sleeves? You’ll fall quickly in love with this collaredFkeep dress. The zip details are everything!

Best Dresses to Wear With Slip-On Sneakers

17. Our Absolute Favorite!Remember, losing the laces is an option too! Slip-on sneakers can add even more versatility to your wardrobe. Wear a pair with this Ostoo maxi dress!

18. We Also Love!Bows are everywhere right now — and rightfully so! Check out thisDokotoo mini dress!

19. We Can’t Forget!This otherDokotoo dress is so good for vacations. Wear it with sneakers to keep your feet comfy as you explore!

20. Bonus!Quickest and easiest outfit ever? Just pull on this Hanes midi T-shirt dress and grab your slip-ons and you’re ready to go!

21. Last but Not Least!Slip-on sneakers go so well with dresses, we had to add one more. We absolutely need to wear a pair with this striped Aoudery shirtdress!

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Best Dresses to Wear With Sneakers This Spring — All Under $40 (2024)


What dress goes best with sneakers? ›

Maxi or midi length dresses work best with these types of sneakers and when it comes to white sneakers – Don't be afraid of a colorful or printed dress! Perfect way to balance out the look.

Is it OK to wear sneakers with a dress? ›

Oh, absolutely! I love wearing sneakers with dresses. It's such a great way to achieve a more laid-back and casual style. Plus, it's not only fashionable but incredibly comfortable too!

How do you wear trainers with a dress? ›

If you don't know what colour dresses to pair with your colourful trainers, we'd suggest going with block colour dresses or neutral coloured dresses, like black, white or grey dresses, first. Try slipping on a pair of hot pink trainers with a black long dress for an eye-catching and playful look.

How do I look chic with sneakers? ›

The combination of a sneaker with baggy jeans or oversized pants might not appear overly unique but is definitely trendy for today's style. This look is extremely comfortable to carry, versatile, and makes women look classy with minimal effort.

What color dress sneakers go with everything? ›

Some popular options for neutral-colored sneakers include white, black, gray, beige, or navy blue. These colors tend to be versatile and can complement a wide range of outfits, including casual and formal wear.

Do you wear socks with sneakers with dresses? ›

Should I wear socks with sneakers and a dress? It depends on your personal preference and the look you're going for. If you want a more casual and effortless vibe, you can go sockless or wear no-show socks.

Can you wear sneakers with maxi dresses? ›

Yep, another maxi dress and sneakers outfit! For me, not only is a dress styled with sneakers a foolproof combo, it's one of my favorites.

Is dress with sneakers smart casual? ›

Dress shoes, loafers, or sneakers: Loafers, or sneakers, are a great choice for men who are looking for a smart casual style. They're comfortable, and they look great with any outfit. Plus, they're versatile, you can wear them with jeans, a dress shirt, or even a suit.

Can a 60 year old woman wear Converse? ›

Different Styles of Sneakers

There's the retro style, the court style shoe, and a platform sneaker. Converse high tops are all the rage as well but they don't offer as much support so for mature women they may not be the best option.

Can you wear sneakers with a midi dress? ›

A colorful print midi dress with chic sneakers is an easy, breezy outfit that's perfect for brunch or a bridal shower. White shoes go with everything, so pick your favorite colorful print and don't worry about a thing.

How should your feet fit in sneakers? ›

Your foot should completely fit over the midsole of the shoe with the upper wrapped snugly around your foot. If your foot pours over the midsole, like a muffin top, that means the shoe is too narrow and you likely need a larger size.

Are trainers still fashionable with dresses? ›

Way back when, traditional shoe styles ruled the roost, whereas now rocking a pair of trainers to Fashion Week is totally commonplace and stylish sneakers are ten a penny. Excellent news for exercise avoidants – there's zero need to work up a sweat to justify treating yourself to a fresh pair of kicks.

What jeans to wear with sneakers? ›

Universally flattering, straight-leg jeans pair well with low-top sneakers of any kind. We're partial to black and white pieces with medium-wash blue jeans for a timeless look.

What can I pair sneakers with? ›

With more bold, high-end options than ever, a statement sneaker can add personality to any kind of outfit. From suits to dresses to leather jackets, there's really no wrong pairing with the right kind of sneaker.

What to pair up with sneakers? ›

Avoid going the full skater-boy style, and opt for a more formal look. Thanks to the classic shape of the shoe, they can be easily paired with a seersucker suit or a nice shirt and tailored pants.

Can you wear sneakers with a casual dress? ›

Over the last few years, the pairing has officially cemented its place as a no-fail outfit formula: From running errands to brunching to heading out on a casual date, dresses and sneakers work for virtually everything.

Can you wear white sneakers with dresses? ›

"For colder months, I prefer platform-style white sneakers," Lauren says. "I pair them with anklet socks and a dress." Looking for a simple go-to cool-weather outfit? "You can also easily wear your white sneakers with straight-leg denim and a cozy sweater," she advises.

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