Butter-Stewed Radishes Recipe (2024)



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Joanne Peterson

Slow frying the radishes in the butter are also delicious. Do this after the cleaning, and start them off with a slow fry covered, salted and peppered to taste, stir occasionally, and when tender crisp, taste, re-season if necessary and sprinkle with dill. Serve immediately.


Unexpectedly good! Stewing the radishes took away most of their bite--they could almost pass as baby red potatoes when finished. My radish-hating husband nearly inhaled them!


Simple, beautiful, and delicious. I love raw radishes (especially with salt and butter) but how the flavor changes when you cook them! They taste like slightly spicy yet nutty turnips. Prepared with the butter and simple salt, pepper, and a sprinkling of fresh parsley, I could probably eat a whole pot of these by myself. Tip: a little more butter on top at the end doesn't hurt.


Great way to eat radishes!! I made this with French breakfast radishes (the longer ones). I also added a couple of cloves of garlic while reducing the sauce after removing the cooked radishes and garnished with parsley. Very recommended for radish lovers!

John Neill

I’ll try this for sure, but for the life of me I cannot fathom why soaking even once would produce any useful “ result”- let soaking alone twice!Surely brushing lightly with soft nail brush, under gentle running water is all that’s required?

Bernice Glenn

I cooked daikon radish slices instead of the familiar red radish. Not as colorful, but a delicious variation.


What a surprise, makes a nice condiment on sandwiches

Carey Larsen

Very pretty and easy side dish for Easter dinner. The cooked radishes looked a lot like pink Easter eggs. The buttery sauce was a lovely rose-pink when reduced to a glaze. I used those "industrial" radishes that are packed in a plastic bag. My guess is that our fresh local radishes will taste better, but will never be available at Easter here in New England.

Jennifer Thomas

Loved the idea and the color is great. But not a stellar recipe.


Love this—so easy and tasty and really doesn’t require much in the way of measurements/prep. In the warmer months when I’m grilling, I like to wrap the radishes in a foil pouch with some S&P, a few ice cubes and chilled butter. Just throw the pouch over a low heat spot while everything else is grilling and you have an easy side with little extra effort!


We did not enjoy this recipe. We really like the strong taste of raw radishes, and this recipe just makes them completely bland. I was hoping for an interesting flavor, but no luck. We will not make these again.


I had radishes with beautiful fresh tops, so cleaned the tops really well and added for the last minute or two that the radishes cooked. Then uncovered and reduced sauce. Pretty and delicious.

Test recipe

Very good. Water takes longer to boil out than recipe says. 15 minHad with milk pork loin


Beach house clean out after making the Charlie Bird salad—had so many leftover radishes. Made a perfect little mid-day snack. The dill is essential. Love the idea from another reviewer of adding carrots to the radishes for additional sweetness—would help convince my kids to try them!


I love radishes, and this didn't disappoint. My radishes were huge so I quartered them instead of halving them. I didn't have dill so I left it out, and the dish was still delicious.


At the age of 63 I'm finally liking raw radishes and I've had this recipe in the back of my mind for a while. Well it was a complete revelation. Definitely took the bite out -- they were just this buttery yummy deliciousness

Joan Flood

These looked so pretty and interesting. My family don't like radishes but I have an enduring memory of my Dad eating them all summer when I was a kid so I had to try. WOW! They were amazing - a perfect addition to the Butterflied lamb with lemon salsa verde I made for Easter. Unusual, delicious - who knew?! Now they're a family fave.


Pretty tasty for radishes!


After the radishes were fork tender I removed them from the pan before returning the butter mixture to a boil. Otherwise they begin to brown.


After the radishes were fork tender I removed them from the pan before returning the butter mixture to a boil. Left in longer the radishes begin to brown.


Tastes like a turnip Brussels sprout hybrid. Would be curious how they would taste sliced thinly.


absolutely delicious. used our oversized, earthy and spicy tasting radishes from the garden. came out soft, flavorful and eminently edible!!


Only had one bunch of easter egg radishes so cut the recipe in half and added an equal quantity of carrots (cut to the about the same size as the radishes). The addition of carrots gave this recipe a nice balance between the spicy bitter radishes and the sweetness of the carrots. Also used vegetable stock instead of water. The resulting sauce was a rich brown color. Have never had radishes cooked this way and they were very good.


Unbelievably good. Who knew that cooking a radish makes it taste like a cross between a potato and a mild turnip. Neither my husband nor I really care for raw radishes, but we devoured a pot full of radishes cooked according to this recipe.

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Butter-Stewed Radishes Recipe (2024)
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