The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (2024)

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Ina Garten’s best recipes, from Beatty’s Chocolate Cake to Beef Bourguignon, the lady is a master of easy delicious food we all want to make!

The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (1)

Ina Garten’s relaxed, unfussy approach to cooking has been one of the strongest influences on my own cooking style, I look to her for inspiration again and again. Whether I’m watching her on Youtube or flipping through one of her cookbooks, I always want to run to the kitchen to make whatever she’s making, and she never disappoints. Over ten years on this site I’ve made many of Ina Garten’s recipes, and here are just a few of my favorites.

the ultimate chocolate cake

If you haven’t tried this classic Ina Garten recipe yet, prepare to shove aside every other chocolate cake you’ve ever tried. This cake is perfectly moist, rich, and a joy to make.

The only chocolate cake recipe I will use. It gets rave reviews every single time I bake it for family, friends and co-workers.” ~Steven

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coconut cupcakes

These gorgeous, fluffy cupcakes are packed with flavor and look picture perfect for parties. For me, they’re the ultimate birthday cupcake.

These are hands down the best cupcakes I have ever made, the only people who don’t like them are not fans of coconut. They dress up any occasion, I just have to make sure it’s a special event or I will eat them all.” ~Joan

The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (3)

cauliflower gratin

This gratin is classic Ina Garten all the way ~ fresh cauliflower is steamed and tossed with an old-school Béchamel sauce, Gruyere cheese, and topped with crunchy breadcrumbs. This dish is an absolute breeze to make and a joy to eat. It’s creamy, homey, and comforting.

I made this again for this evening’s meal, and each time it gets better and better. My family loves Gruyere and the combination of that and fresh Parmesan along with a bit of Dijon is fabulous. The topping adds another dimension of flavor and texture, I could eat this for breakfast every morning and not get sick of it! Excellent recipe.” ~Kelly

The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (4)

brownie pudding

If you need an elegant dessert but wish you could just make a big batch of brownies, Ina Garten’s recipe for brownie pudding is the way to go. Like a flourless chocolate cake, it has a light, crackly top with a dense, rich, soft center.

I made this for Mother’s Day and it was a huge hit. Five people inhaled it. Super easy to make. I put it in the oven when we sat down to eat, so was ready when we finished with brunch.” ~Zara

The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (5)

mustard roasted chicken

This Ina Garten recipe has gotten a lot of love on the site, purely because it’s just so delicious. The combination of juicy chicken and the amazing topping of breadcrumbs, mustard, buttermilk and herbs is irresistible.

“I will never just roast chicken thighs again. I will always make them this way. This was the juiciest, most flavorful chicken ever, and the combination of buttermilk and mustard added a nice tang but didn’t overwhelm the chicken with their own flavors.” ~Inforapenny

The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (6)

buttermilk bran muffins

Bran muffins may not be the trendiest baked good of the moment, but I’ve always had a soft spot for them and continue to make them often. There’s something so wholesome and satisfying about them.

These are sooooo good. I filled the muffin cups too much so only got 7 muffins. DEEEEEEEEELISH.” ~Inez

The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (7)

1770 House meatloaf

Ina’s take on meatloaf comes with a roasted garlic gravy and is moist, and full of old world flavor ~ I highly recommend it! It’s the tenderest meatloaf I’ve ever had.

Easy and delicious, comfort food at its best; the gravy sent it over the top!! Thank you, Sue!” ~Jomarie

The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (8)

lemon chicken salad with buttermilk dressing

It’s one of my most requested recipes ~ the tender crispy chicken on top of fresh greens and drenched in creamy buttermilk dressing is a healthy main course salad the whole family loves! This is one where I tweaked Ina’s already fabulous recipe and made it more fabulous 😉

“I’ve been making this for years but I never thought to leave a comment! We start making it every spring and continue right thru summer, it’s a winner!” ~Jordan

The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (9)

beef Bourguignon

Ina’s Bourguignon was one of the earliest recipes on the site, hence he not so fab photos. If you haven’t made it yet, I highly recommend it, every detail is spot on.

Love this recipe!!!! I follow ingredients and directions to the T. Don’t want to mess up an already great recipe.” ~Lindasue

The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (10)
The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (11)

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The recipes that made Ina Garten Famous! (2024)
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